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Party Decor

You don’t have to manage party decor yourself

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding or special event, between choosing a venue and vendors, managing your budget, arranging the entertainment, managing potential risks and developing a contingency plan if something goes wrong, working out transportation, and designing the theme, party decor, and the attire. You also have to manage the contracts with vendors and direct them on the day of the event, coordinate out of town guests, and keep everything running smoothly. It’s simply too much for anyone who isn’t a professional party designer to do.
On the other hand, however, you don’t want an event planner who will dictate your entire event. What you need is someone who can plan the design of your special event or celebration and make sure it’s running smoothly, but who listens to you about what you want and works accordingly to make the event that you desire. You likely have a dream in mind of how you want your special event to go, and you want to make that a reality. In that case, you need to work with a company who offers the same services we do and focuses on making your vision come true.
When you decide to work with us, we get to know you to determine exactly what your vision and goals are for this event. From there, we determine your sense of personalized style that will inform our party decor decisions. We’ll both handle the logistics of the event and provide you with party designer services, so your event runs smoothly and reflects your ideal vision. Don’t settle for a party designer or planner who will give you an event that you never asked for -- make an appointment and start getting to know us today.

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