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Vayola Jean-Baptiste is the Owner and Lead Planner of Dream Wedding and Events. With years of experience, Vayola takes pride in her skill to deliver breathtaking celebrations for her clients. As every success story has a beginning, Vayola’s journey started when she began planning and designing events for children as an extension of her career as an Elementary School Teacher. She designed and executed Graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, Religious Celebrations, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and much more. On one life changing day following the completion of a client event, Vayola was offered the challenge of planning a wedding by one of the guests. Vayola always wanted to expand her horizons in the event planning industry so, without any hesitation, she took on the challenge and both she and the client loved every minute of it.

For every path, someone has helped pave the way and, for Vayola, she attributes that to her loving family. She has a large family from which she has inherited bits and pieces of her family members' individual style. Starting with her grandmother's chic couture, her mother's love for bright colors and patterns, her sister's bold statements, her father's simplicity, and all her aunts', uncles', and cousins' defined and rich, sense of fashion and hospitality. These unique characteristics, styles and traits have allowed Vayola to show appreciation of variety through her work and add priceless value to her services.

To gain more experience and knowledge, Vayola’s educational studies included Hospitality Studies from Florida International University, Planning and Designing Education from Longevity’s Wedding Planning institute, attending the KR Planner Collective by Kathy Romero, working as an Event Manager and being the Lead Planner of her own business, Dream Wedding and Events. Vayola considers herself as an everlasting learner and she is therefore always open to and searching for opportunities to improve her craft and gain inspiration. With her elegant style, personable personality, authentic designs, stellar management skills and faith, Vayola is here to serve you and your family every step of the way as you prepare for a big day.

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